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Donut what I'd do with you!


Handcrafted in my studio this cute little verse is available as a a6 print with or without a 38mm badge attached.


The perfect little gift for Valentines Day, anniversaries, engagements, you name it.


My badge design is covered with a shiny protective layer and have a metal back.


The accompanying flat print is a6 size, 350gsm and printed with my verse.


If you'd like names added to the top and bottom of the card, for example,


- To ....... (at the top of the print)

- From ..... (at the bottom of the print)


please select to 'Add Names to card' and then fill in the personalised details when ordering.


A separate c6 size envelope will be sent with your order.


Please note that the wording on the badge cannot the changed.


Thank you so much!

Perfect Match - Donut- Post Card & Badge

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